Mommy Style Monday: Time Management

Time is such a weird thing.

I want it to pass quickly but be slow simultaneously, somehow.

The topic for Mommy Style Monday is Time, specifically how I manage my time.

Honestly, I am not a time manager for my personal life. Probably a tiny pinky nail size of time management is in me. It's not much, but its enough. There are dates and events that I need to remember, that I write on my big calendar for myself and my family, and that works.

When it comes to time management and being organized for other people though, that is a whole different ball game.

I would love to give you an amazing post about how I wake up early and get things done before the kids wake up (they wake up so flippin early right now, this could only happen when they are sleepy teenagers) or how I'm consistent with nap times for Leonard, or work outs( or more like work nots), but I can't.

It's taken me time for me to let go and stop feeling like because I'm not doing something on a schedule, or I don't have a magical chore chart for my kids, or what not then I'm doing it wrong. I've tried many times to do these things, and its not a passion of mine. I know it won't stick till I have that.

If you are a time manager, more power to you, some days I wish I could but, that's just not me. :)

You do you.

How are you with time management? Is there something that works for you? 

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FREE LDS #PRINCEofPEACE Social Media Images

The Easter season is upon us and our thoughts are turning to our Savior of the World, Jesus Christ.

Mormon.org is hosting a wonderful Easter campaign called #PRINCEofPEACE. Launching March 31st. I love each one of the campaigns the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints puts on during holiday seasons.

I am jumping ahead a little with excitement for this campaign. This year I wanted to do something special to celebrate the campaign so I created some FREE and simple inspiration gospel centered images you can use on social media, specifically for Instagram, but can be used anywhere.

Starting April 9th, one week prior to Easter, I have an image a day you can share that corresponds with one of eight Principles of Peace. Use these to correspond with the days, use whenever you want or need a little inspiration. :) 

When sharing on social media tag #PRINCEofPEACE. You can also tag me on Instagram @airkaka I would love to see who shares and read any thoughts you have.

I hope those that use these can feel love and the peace that comes from our Savior.

(just right click image and save as 👍)

APRIL 9th- Faith - Write a list of the reasons why you believe in God.

April 10th- Compassion - Think of someone you love. Make a list of their good traits and give it to them.

April 11th- Forgiveness - Pray for strength to forgive someone who offended you

April 12th- Repentance - Make a list of areas in your life that aren’t in harmony with Jesus’ teachings and set goals to improve.

April 13th- Gratitude - Share a specific example on social media of something someone did for you and how it made a difference in your life.

April 14th- Scripture - Think of a question or trial you’re facing. Find someone in the scriptures who faced a similar issue and learn from their example.

April 15th- Prayer - Share with a friend or write about a time when a specific prayer was answered.

April 16th- Hope - Create a playlist of songs that give you hope and courage.


Mommy Style Monday: Spring Box Swap

Happy Monday. Today is a very special Mommy Style Monday. This last month the creaters Kiana & Madeline decided it would be fun to send boxes filled with fun springy items to another MSM lady. 

Now, I was hesitant at first cause the last time I did something like this for a Christmas secret santa with other blog sisters, I got burned. I'm over it now, mostly, but at the time I was pretty ticked about it, obviously.

I obviously went for it, because the mommy style Monday ladies that participate are absolutely amazing and I feel like I know them, even though I've never met them in person. :) 

The theme for the box was SPRING! It would be anything that reminds you about spring.  I sent a box to the adorable and fabulous Chandler at Life as a Larsen.  

My box came from the ever so sweet Kiana at Glitter&Donuts. Have you seen the things she does? Amazing. She's real, honest, and a wonderful mother and I adore her. 

I was excited to see the cute things she would send to me. 

I don't check the mail often, oops, so I ended up seeing the package in the mail on my birthday! So it was ever sweeter! 

So lets dig in and see whats inside. 

I immediately smiled at all the donuts, I mean she is Glitter and Donuts after all. :) 

I may have eaten the donut rice krispie, the second photos were done, and it was delicious! I've already used the cute bright pink nail polish, its the perfect spring color. I can't wait to find time to color, its such a great stress reliever for me. Kiana must have known that me being all old and 30 now i'd need some extra help in the tightening and toning of my face, cause I can't wait to use the treatment mask! 

I was seriously love, love, loved every single thing that came in my spring box! It brings me so much joy when people spend the time to give and think about others and let a lone send a box filled with goodies cross country to bring love and a smile. 

Thank you so much Kiana for my box! It was everything and also so much more than I expected. Perfectly capsuled you, and perfect for me! 

Check out what the other ladies in our Mommy Style Monday group received in their spring box swaps! I know I can't wait to see! Want to participate in a Favorite Things Box in June/July? Go here to sign up! 

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